FAST LTA hard disk archive systems

FAST LTA's hard disk archive systems are designed to securely store multi-digit terabytes of critical data over the long term. Beyond pure primary storage, FAST has been offering flexible, highly scalable storage solutions since 2008.

FAST LTA Silent Cubes

The Silent Cube integrates all components required for audit-proof long-term storage in a thermally optimized and compact cube housing (half 19-inch width, 6 U) and is particularly space and energy-saving. With four redundancy reserves for 12 hard disks, two power supply units for redundant energy supply and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for expansion with additional long-term storage, it is particularly secure and flexible.

Data sheet (PDF):FAST LTA Silent Cubes

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FAST LTA Silent Bricks

The Silent Bricks System consists of modern, high-performance storage hardware and offline-capable, transportable storage containers, the Silent Bricks. Due to the high level of integrated security, it is particularly suitable as backup and archive storage.

Silent Bricks are available with fast SSDs or with economical hard disks and in capacities from 3 to 24 TB (gross). Within the same system, performance and costs can be individually adapted to the requirements.

The Silent Brick system is slot-based. The capacity can be increased simply by adding more Silent Bricks. And Silent Bricks are inherently offline-capable and transportable.

Data sheet (PDF):FAST LTA Silent Bricks

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